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The Benefits of a Battery Backup Pump

Have you ever heard Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”? Although we at AHS Plumbing do not like to have that pessimistic attitude, we also know that early preparation is much more effective at keeping you safe from life’s curveballs than just the hope and belief that they won’t come.


In the case of purchasing a backup sump pump, this could not be more true. Many different things can cause your primary pump to fail such as a clog in the pump, the power cord getting pulled out on accident, the breaker tripping, a defective float switch or, most commonly, a thunderstorm that causes a power outage.

It is pretty much inevitable that at some point, a strong storm is going to roll through your area and cause a power outage. This windy storm is likely going to be accompanied by copious amounts of rain.

For anyone with a reliable back up sump pump, this is just an annoying inconvenience. They break out the flash lights and candles and try to keep their children and pets from freaking out. For anyone who does not have a back up sump pump, panic will likely strike immediately when they realize that this outage has disconnected the power to their sump pump, thus allowing water to flood their basement. YIKES!


If you, like most folks, opt against the indoor pool idea, you’re going to have a lot of restoration to pay for. These home repairs can become extremely costly very quickly, and can also take up quite a bit of time.

Protecting yourself from this nightmare (or, in some cases, preventing it from recurring) is easy. Invest in a reliable battery back up sump pump system, installed properly by a trusted professional. At AHS Plumbing, we provide high performance battery back up systems, and always give a warranty with installation.


Don’t wait for the next storm to hit! If you don’t have a back up sump pump system (or if yours is beyond its life-expectancy) call AHS Plumbing today at (847) 636-2124! We will be happy to help choose the right back up pump for your home and install it for you, warranty included.

3 Fix-It-Yourself Plumbing Problems

Although in many cases, plumbing work needs to be left to the licensed plumbing professionals, there are plenty of plumbing problems that I would never suggest calling out a plumber for until you have tried to fix it yourself. Yes, you are fully capable of fixing these minor problems; you just need to read on to find out how.

1. Reduced water pressure in your sink or shower

PicMonkey Collage

If you have noticed that the flow of water coming from your sink or shower head is just not what it used to be, there may well be a blockage from mineral build up or other debris. For your faucet, just unscrew the little screen that goes over your faucet and clean it. You can use a sewing pin to do this with ease. As for your show head, you should let it soak in vinager overnight. This will clear up any mineral build up. If you have tried these things and still, you cannot get the pressure to increase, check with your city. It is possible that the whole city is on a short water supply so the pressure has been reduced by them, in which case there is really nothing you can do to fix it. If this is not the case, it may be time to call in the professionals to give you a hand.

2. Jammed Garbage Disposal Repair


Prevention is key for garbage disposals. Knowing exactly what is ok to put down the disposal and what is not is the best way to ensure a long life for your disposal. If, however, something ends up down there that causes a jam, most new garbage disposals come with a hex wrench attached. This is the only tool you should need to clear out any jam that may occur within your garbage disposal. Every disposal is different, so read the manual before beginning this repair. Additionally, always make sure your disposal is turned off at the power source before beginning any work! 

3. Replacing a Toilet Flapper

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This is one of the simplest plumbing repairs you can do. All you need to do is:

1. Purchase the new flapper- make sure it is the same design of flapper that is intended  for your toilet.

2. Turn off the water to the toilet (there should be a knob behind the toilet to do this)

3. Unchain the old flapper from the toilet handle rod, and pull each ear off the flush valve to remove it. If your flush valve does not have hooks for the flapper, then there is likely a ring that you will have to slide off instead of disconnecting the ears.

4. If your flush valve has hooks for the flapper, connect the new flapper by attaching both ears to the flush valve hooks, and proceeding to attach the new chain to the toilet handle rod. If your flush valve does not have two hooks, you can slide the flapper into place using the attached ring on your flapper.

5. Turn the water back on, test flush your toilet, and you’re done!

For more plumbing tips, check out the rest of our AHS Plumbing blog!

We also have sewer and drain tips for you to read!

Sewer and Drain Tips & Advice

  • Have an outside sewer cleanout installed!

To maintain a clear, fully functioning sewer line, you are going to need to have it rodded out from time to time. In order to keep the cost to you as low as possible, you need to make access to your sewer line as easy as possible for your plumber. The best way to ensure this is to have an outside cleanout installed by AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair. It’s something you will only have to do once, and it will save you money on rodding every time you have it done in the future (especially if you have a finished basement)! Added bonus: as long as you have an ouside cleanout, know where it is located, and have a way to give power to our plumbing technicians (outdoor outlet, extension cord running from a plug under the garage door, etc), you don’t even have to worry about finding room in your busy schedule to have us come out and fix the problem! Since we will not need to enter your home, you are not required to be there in order for us to perform the rodding work.

Note: You may be required to pay ahead of time if you will not be home when the job is completed

  • If you have trees in your yard, rod your line annually to avoid backups!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.35.58 AM

Tree roots are naturally attracted to water, so they tend to grow directly into homeowners sewer lines. When this happens on a large scale, the line gets blocked. This can cause slow drainage or even backups. To avoid having to experience and pay for bigger, nightmare plumbing problems, be proactive! If you know that the big maple tree in your front yard is going to end up clogging your line with its roots, have your sewer line rodded out once or twice a year by AHS Plumbing. You’ll save the money you would have spent on a larger problem, as well as the headache and stress of finding that sewage has backed up into your home because of your thirsty trees. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Think before flushing!

When you flush anything down the toilet that does not belong in there, you are taking a gamble on your drains. You should never flush cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, or anything else besides bodily waste and toilet paper.

  • Purchase a mesh strainer drain trap for your tub/shower!


The most common reason tub/shower drainage slows over time is because hair builds up in the drain. Next time you have these drains rodded out by AHS Plumbing, run to the store and purchase a mesh strainer drain trap. This way, you will be able to easily remove all of the hair from your drains without calling the pros to rod it out for you.

  • If sewage begins backing up into the house through any of your drains, call AHS Plumbing IMMEDIATELY!

Just call (847) 636-2124, AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair always gives top priority to any and all sewer emergencies!

Plumbing Tips & Advice

If you have already used drain cleaner, tell your plumber before he begins working!

  • Drain Leaks:

Leaks in your plumbing system are caused by one of three things:

1. Corrosion. Metal pipes corrode, whether they are cast iron, Galv., steel, copper, brass or aluminum, they all corrode and have a point where they can no longer be repaired. At the point of severe corrosion, your pipes will need to be replaced by a plumber. The cause of corrosion could be age, acid cleaner use, sewer gas/septic gas or improper type of connections for different kinds of metals causing an electrolysis type of corrosion. Whatever the cause, AHS Plumbing has the solution!

2. Improper-P-trap2Improper assembly. This can cause leaks in your drainage system. For example, an improperly installed PVC pipe joint is a common cause of drainage leaks. Unqualified, untrained workmen can assemble PVC piping and cause tremendous damage due to leaking pipes that were not properly cut, deburred, primed, and solvent welded.

3. Loose joints or broken pipesThese kinds of leaks are typically found under a sink or bathtub. Sometimes, all that is required is tightening a slip nut, or a seal gasket needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it is a bit more serious and a piece of pipe needs to be replaced. Either way, these kinds of problems need to be addressed ASAP. If not taken care of, the leaking water can cause damage to the surrounding cabinets, flooring, and the ceiling below it. On top of those damages, a minor leak can cause a major water bill increase.

– A hole the size of a pinhead can spill out 360,000 gallons of water per year!

– At a rate of 10 drops per minute, a leaky shower head can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year!

– A leaking toilet can waste 340687.06 liters of water in just 30 days.

More leak statistics from the US EPA

Call AHS Plumbing to get that leak fixed fast at (847) 636-2124!

  • Drain Backup

Drain backup is caused by one of three things:

1. A clog, any obstruction in the piping.

2. A broken sewer outside of the home or a clogged sewer. A sheared sewer pipe outside of the home is a very serious problem. It can cause flooding on the first floor by backing up and spilling over floor drains, shower pans, or even toilets. *IMPORTANT* If you experience a backup that overflows on the first floor, STOP USING WATER. Unplug the ejector pump in the basement and call AHS Plumbing immediately at (847) 636-2124! This will prevent the sewer from overflowing and causing significant damage to your home.

3. The municipal sewer backup flooding homes. This can occur due to the municipal sewer being clogged, or the more common reason…storm water entering the sanitary sewer system and overwhelming the sewer with surcharged water. Your home can be protected from this kind of flooding by installing a check valve in the lateral sewer line.

AHS Plumbing can take care of almost any drain leak, clog, or broken pipe. Call us at (847) 636-2124

COMING SOON: water heaters, sump pumps, ejector pumps, and more!

Plumbing Repair

AHS can perform all types of plumbing repair!

The AHS Plumbing team solves different families’ plumbing problems every week. From toilet clogs to burst pipes and frozen pipes to leak detection and more, AHS Plumbing is equipped for all kinds of plumbing repair, and we always do it right the first time!


Plumbing problems can arise in any season of the year, and it is always important to know exactly who to call for all of your plumbing repairs. The problems may just vary in specifics (ex: frozen pipes in winter). Sometimes, the problems are minor and can be easily fixed, but it is important to call the professionals for even these minor problems because if not taken care of, they can develop into much more severe, costly problems.plumbing repair

Don’t risk calling an unlicensed plumber or doing it yourself to try to save a couple bucks….call AHS Plumbing today at (847) 636-2124! Our professionals will quote you a price before beginning any plumbing repair, and will get the job done right the first time to save you time and headache.

Don’t have time to call? No problem! Just fill out an appointment request form. We will contact you later about scheduling options!

Emergency Sump Pumps

AHS Plumbing knows emergency sump pumps, and we know the value of a good battery-backup sump pump. For that reason, we only install the best! We install the Pro-Series C-33 combo pump system for $2,450.00.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.00.48 AM


We use the pro-series battery backup model 2400, installed for $1,650.00…

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.02.42 AM


…and we even throw in a free AGM battery!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.05.18 AM


So, call AHS Plumbing today to get  brand new battery-backup emergency sump pumps, and avoid flooding- even when the power goes out!

Don’t have time to call? No problem! Just fill out an appointment request form. We will contact you later about scheduling options!