Laundry Pumps

Laundry pumps are crucial components to a laundry machine system. If yours is in need of repair or replacement, call AHS today! (847) 636-2124

Common issues homeowners experience with their laundry pump include defective floats or manual switches, leaking or obstructed drain pipe or a jammed motor.

AHS has you covered when it comes to laundry pumps!

AHS Plumbing’s experienced technicians can easily repair these types of problems and get your laundry machine back in good working order in no time. If you notice any problems with water drainage in your washing machine, get your laundry pump checked out immediately. Prompt repairs will prevent these simple problems from leading to bigger issues such as clogged pipes or flooding, and will prolong the life of your laundry pump.


Don’t have time to call? No problem! Just fill out an appointment request form. We will contact you later about scheduling options!

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