Miscellaneous Plumbing Services

HaveĀ a sink, tub, pipe, sewer, drain, or pump problem? AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair is the place to call first every time! Here is a list of some miscellaneous work that we do:

Food Disposals

ahs plumbing






At AHS Plumbing, we know the frustration you experience when your garbage disposal is not working properly. Meal clean up suddenly becomes much more difficult, and if the wrong thing goes down the drain, you risk a clog.

Get your broken garbage disposal repaired or replaced today! Call AHS at (847) 636-2124!

AHS installs top quality Insinkerator food disposals, warranty included.

Diagnostic Work

Not sure where the problem is or what is causing it? AHS Plumbing and Sewer repair can come out and do diagnostic work to find the answers for you, and come up with a solution. This kind of work is the only work in which we charge by the hour. For any other service, we charge by the job.

Bottom line, call AHS Plumbing for any and all of your plumbingĀ needs! We will get the job done right the first time. (847) 636-2124

Don’t have time to call? No problem! Just fill out an appointment request form. We will contact you later about scheduling options!

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