Plumbing Repair

AHS can perform all types of plumbing repair!

The AHS Plumbing team solves different families’ plumbing problems every week. From toilet clogs to burst pipes and frozen pipes to leak detection and more, AHS Plumbing is equipped for all kinds of plumbing repair, and we always do it right the first time!


Plumbing problems can arise in any season of the year, and it is always important to know exactly who to call for all of your plumbing repairs. The problems may just vary in specifics (ex: frozen pipes in winter). Sometimes, the problems are minor and can be easily fixed, but it is important to call the professionals for even these minor problems because if not taken care of, they can develop into much more severe, costly repair

Don’t risk calling an unlicensed plumber or doing it yourself to try to save a couple bucks….call AHS Plumbing today at (847) 636-2124! Our professionals will quote you a price before beginning any plumbing repair, and will get the job done right the first time to save you time and headache.

Don’t have time to call? No problem! Just fill out an appointment request form. We will contact you later about scheduling options!

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