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If you have already used drain cleaner, tell your plumber before he begins working!

  • Drain Leaks:

Leaks in your plumbing system are caused by one of three things:

1. Corrosion. Metal pipes corrode, whether they are cast iron, Galv., steel, copper, brass or aluminum, they all corrode and have a point where they can no longer be repaired. At the point of severe corrosion, your pipes will need to be replaced by a plumber. The cause of corrosion could be age, acid cleaner use, sewer gas/septic gas or improper type of connections for different kinds of metals causing an electrolysis type of corrosion. Whatever the cause, AHS Plumbing has the solution!

2. Improper-P-trap2Improper assembly. This can cause leaks in your drainage system. For example, an improperly installed PVC pipe joint is a common cause of drainage leaks. Unqualified, untrained workmen can assemble PVC piping and cause tremendous damage due to leaking pipes that were not properly cut, deburred, primed, and solvent welded.

3. Loose joints or broken pipesThese kinds of leaks are typically found under a sink or bathtub. Sometimes, all that is required is tightening a slip nut, or a seal gasket needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it is a bit more serious and a piece of pipe needs to be replaced. Either way, these kinds of problems need to be addressed ASAP. If not taken care of, the leaking water can cause damage to the surrounding cabinets, flooring, and the ceiling below it. On top of those damages, a minor leak can cause a major water bill increase.

– A hole the size of a pinhead can spill out 360,000 gallons of water per year!

– At a rate of 10 drops per minute, a leaky shower head can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year!

– A leaking toilet can waste 340687.06 liters of water in just 30 days.

More leak statistics from the US EPA

Call AHS Plumbing to get that leak fixed fast at (847) 636-2124!

  • Drain Backup

Drain backup is caused by one of three things:

1. A clog, any obstruction in the piping.

2. A broken sewer outside of the home or a clogged sewer. A sheared sewer pipe outside of the home is a very serious problem. It can cause flooding on the first floor by backing up and spilling over floor drains, shower pans, or even toilets. *IMPORTANT* If you experience a backup that overflows on the first floor, STOP USING WATER. Unplug the ejector pump in the basement and call AHS Plumbing immediately at (847) 636-2124! This will prevent the sewer from overflowing and causing significant damage to your home.

3. The municipal sewer backup flooding homes. This can occur due to the municipal sewer being clogged, or the more common reason…storm water entering the sanitary sewer system and overwhelming the sewer with surcharged water. Your home can be protected from this kind of flooding by installing a check valve in the lateral sewer line.

AHS Plumbing can take care of almost any drain leak, clog, or broken pipe. Call us at (847) 636-2124

COMING SOON: water heaters, sump pumps, ejector pumps, and more!

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