Sewer and Drain Tips & Advice

  • Have an outside sewer cleanout installed!

To maintain a clear, fully functioning sewer line, you are going to need to have it rodded out from time to time. In order to keep the cost to you as low as possible, you need to make access to your sewer line as easy as possible for your plumber. The best way to ensure this is to have an outside cleanout installed by AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair. It’s something you will only have to do once, and it will save you money on rodding every time you have it done in the future (especially if you have a finished basement)! Added bonus: as long as you have an ouside cleanout, know where it is located, and have a way to give power to our plumbing technicians (outdoor outlet, extension cord running from a plug under the garage door, etc), you don’t even have to worry about finding room in your busy schedule to have us come out and fix the problem! Since we will not need to enter your home, you are not required to be there in order for us to perform the rodding work.

Note: You may be required to pay ahead of time if you will not be home when the job is completed

  • If you have trees in your yard, rod your line annually to avoid backups!

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Tree roots are naturally attracted to water, so they tend to grow directly into homeowners sewer lines. When this happens on a large scale, the line gets blocked. This can cause slow drainage or even backups. To avoid having to experience and pay for bigger, nightmare plumbing problems, be proactive! If you know that the big maple tree in your front yard is going to end up clogging your line with its roots, have your sewer line rodded out once or twice a year by AHS Plumbing. You’ll save the money you would have spent on a larger problem, as well as the headache and stress of finding that sewage has backed up into your home because of your thirsty trees. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Think before flushing!

When you flush anything down the toilet that does not belong in there, you are taking a gamble on your drains. You should never flush cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, or anything else besides bodily waste and toilet paper.

  • Purchase a mesh strainer drain trap for your tub/shower!


The most common reason tub/shower drainage slows over time is because hair builds up in the drain. Next time you have these drains rodded out by AHS Plumbing, run to the store and purchase a mesh strainer drain trap. This way, you will be able to easily remove all of the hair from your drains without calling the pros to rod it out for you.

  • If sewage begins backing up into the house through any of your drains, call AHS Plumbing IMMEDIATELY!

Just call (847) 636-2124, AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair always gives top priority to any and all sewer emergencies!

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