Sewer Service

We put your sewer emergencies first every time!

A broken sewer is one of the worst issues a homeowner can deal with. Sewer issues require prompt response. For this reason, AHS Plumbing always gives top priority to these emergency repairs. We will give same day service for these situations in most cases.

Sewer dig

Many times, the issue you are experiencing can be fixed by rodding,which does not require digging up your yard. Other times, however, the problem could be more serious, and require a sewer line repair or replacement. 

If you live in a home where roots commonly block your sewer line, requiring frequent rodding, we highly suggest you consider having an outside clean out installed by our AHS Plumbing pros.This outside clean out creates easier access for us to come rod out the roots and debris. Easier access for us = Lower cost to you.

Additionally, installing an outside cleanout allows you to schedule your annual rodding appointment without taking time off of work! Since we won’t need to enter your home, it is possible for us to come and rod out the line without anyone waiting around to let us in! You can be a responsible homeowner and maintain your line without taking a single day off. Just set up payment with our office when you call.

Whatever the case may be, the AHS Plumbing and Sewer Repair technicians will be able to solve any of your sewer issues using high-quality equipment and their expert knowledge. Give us a call today and let our experience and pride work for you!

If you can’t call, fill out an appointment request form! We will contact you later about scheduling options!

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