The Benefits of a Battery Backup Pump

Have you ever heard Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”? Although we at AHS Plumbing do not like to have that pessimistic attitude, we also know that early preparation is much more effective at keeping you safe from life’s curveballs than just the hope and belief that they won’t come.


In the case of purchasing a backup sump pump, this could not be more true. Many different things can cause your primary pump to fail such as a clog in the pump, the power cord getting pulled out on accident, the breaker tripping, a defective float switch or, most commonly, a thunderstorm that causes a power outage.

It is pretty much inevitable that at some point, a strong storm is going to roll through your area and cause a power outage. This windy storm is likely going to be accompanied by copious amounts of rain.

For anyone with a reliable back up sump pump, this is just an annoying inconvenience. They break out the flash lights and candles and try to keep their children and pets from freaking out. For anyone who does not have a back up sump pump, panic will likely strike immediately when they realize that this outage has disconnected the power to their sump pump, thus allowing water to flood their basement. YIKES!


If you, like most folks, opt against the indoor pool idea, you’re going to have a lot of restoration to pay for. These home repairs can become extremely costly very quickly, and can also take up quite a bit of time.

Protecting yourself from this nightmare (or, in some cases, preventing it from recurring) is easy. Invest in a reliable battery back up sump pump system, installed properly by a trusted professional. At AHS Plumbing, we provide high performance battery back up systems, and always give a warranty with installation.


Don’t wait for the next storm to hit! If you don’t have a back up sump pump system (or if yours is beyond its life-expectancy) call AHS Plumbing today at (847) 636-2124! We will be happy to help choose the right back up pump for your home and install it for you, warranty included.

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